Our Philosophy

girls dancing hand in hand in a circle.

Mission and Goals

  • Educating about Jewish values and experiences, traditions, and holidays through a non-religious lens and an experiential education approach.
  • Encouraging personal and group Jewish identity and discovery.
  • Increasing awareness of RSJ family heritage.
boy mid air jumping into a pool.

We offer a program that promotes growth and development of children’s personalities, along with positive spiritual paths.

By learning to live, play, and work together with others at camp, children learn to appreciate, understand and value others as special and unique individuals. Our program teaches children to become good followers and leaders, accept responsibility, and to practice tolerance and acceptance to all mankind, regardless of their differences.  

Camp GesheЯ respects the rights and dignity of all campers and staff. Camp GesheЯ is inclusive to all and staff are trained to set the highest examples of behavior for campers.

two kids riding down a zipline from a green tower.


Build lifelong meaningful relationships